Final Draft CARICOM Regional Standard for voting: FDCRS 47:20XX, Paints—Water-Borne Coatings — Specification

FDCRS47:20XX, Paints—Water-Borne Coatings — Specification Scope: This standard establishes requirements for water-borne, decorative coatings intended for use on interior and exterior surfaces. It applies to final packaged products, untinted bases and products tinted at the point of sale. It also establishes requirements for characteristics, performance and labelling...

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TTS 412:2015, Steelpan – Terminology

Scope of standard This Standard defines common terms that are unique to the steelpan industry. It includes terms related to: instruments; manufacturing; personnel and performance; and accessories and facilities. NOTE 1: This terminology standard is categorized into four sub-clauses which groups the similar terms into each area...

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National Standards for Withdrawal

TTS 21 20 500 Part 3: 1984, Requirements for Advertising – Advertising of Tobacco Products TTS 76: Part 11: 1995 (Formerly TTS 21 10 500: Part 11: 1989) (First Revision) Requirements for Labelling Part 11- Labelling of Retail Packages of Cigarettes   Parties that may be affected...

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