Tourism Certification

TTTIC (pronounced tee-tick)

Trinidad & Tobago Tourism Industry Certification (TTTIC) programme is a national certification programme. The procedure by which an independent body (third party) gives written assurance that Tourism Operators conform to specified requirements outlined within the relevant National Standard. Certified tourism operators include Tour Guides, Tour Operators, Short Term Motor Vehicle Rental Operations, Bed and Breakfast and Self Catering facilities, Hotels and Guest Houses, and Tourist Land Transport Service Providers.

TTTIC is a voluntary national quality assurance tool that is valid for a period of one (1) year and is envisioned to:

  1. Improve and standardize the quality of tourism products and services
  2. Increase visitor confidence in booking tourism services
  3. Increase the competitiveness of tourism operators in the international arena
  4. Provide a framework for sustainability of the tourism sector
  5. To provide an avenue through which T&T can differentiate its product

The TTTIC programme is the first and only tourism industry certification programme in the Caribbean developed and administered by the national agency for industry standards and certification in conjunction with the tourism authorities.

Tourism Standards

TTS 579:2009 – Specification for Tour Guides
TTS 637-1:2017 Sites and Attractions – Part 1: General Requirements
TTS 637-2:2015 Sites and Attractions – Part 2: Requirements for Tourist Information Offices
TTS 296:2008 Tourist Land Transport Service Providers
TTS 580 Specifications for Tour Operators

For Trinidad Applicants

TTTIC Tour Guide Audit Application Fee

TTTIC Application Form – Tour Guide – Trinidad Applicants Only

TTTIC Application Form – Sites and Attractions – Trinidad Applicants Only

TTTIC Application Form – Tour Operators – Trinidad Applicants Only

TTTIC Application Form – Tourist Taxi Driver – Trinidad Applicants Only

TTTIC Application Form – Tourist Taxi Operator – Trinidad Applicants Only

TTTIC Application Form – Hotels and Guesthouse Properties – Trinidad Applicants Only

TTTIC Application form – Bed and Breakfast Self Catering Facilities – Trinidad Applicants Only



For Tobago Applicants

Click Here to download the TTTIC Complete Guide for Tourism Operators in Tobago

TTTIC Applications Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards,

1-2 Century Drive, Trincity Industrial Estate, Macoya, Tunapuna, Trinidad and Tobago W.I,
Tel: (868) 662-8827, Fax: (868) 663-4335

  • Office of the TTBS Secretary (Main Ext: 2003)
  • Certification Division (Main Ext: 2221)
  • Implementation Division (Main Ext: 2417 / 2418 / 2419 / 2420 / 2421)
  • Laboratory Accreditation (Main Ext: 2248)
  • Laboratory Services Division (Main Ext: 2361)
  • Metrology Division (Main Ext: 2307)
  • Legal Metrology Inspectorate (Ext 2348)
  • Standardization Division (Main Ext: 2041 / 2042)
  • Standards Information Centre (Main Ext: 2033)
  • Human Resource Unit (Main Ext: 2021)
  • Operator (Main Ext: 0)
  • Marketing Unit (Main Ext: 2261)