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Final Draft CARICOM Regional Standard for voting: FDCRS 47:20XX, Paints—Water-Borne Coatings — Specification

FDCRS47:20XX, Paints—Water-Borne Coatings — Specification


This standard establishes requirements for water-borne, decorative coatings intended for use on interior and exterior surfaces. It applies to final packaged products, untinted bases and products tinted at the point of sale. It also establishes requirements for characteristics, performance and labelling of coatings and specific parameters for primers and top coats.

This standard is applicable to liquid coatings including emulsion, latex, water-soluble, water-dispersible or colloidal coatings and textured coatings.

It does not apply to stains, varnishes, putties and solvent-borne coatings.

EXAMPLE: Water-borne coatings covered under this standard are intended for use on concrete, brick, stucco, concrete block, wood, metal, off shutter concrete or bituminous substrates, plastic and glass but are not limited to these applications. Read more…

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