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Requirements for Pattern Approval

Section 21(d) of the Metrology Act No.18 of 2004 and the Metrology Regulations, 2015 has mandated the Metrology Division of the Trinidad & Tobago Bureau of Standards (TTBS) to examine and approve all patterns of measuring devices used for trade. To facilitate this mandate, all measuring devices manufactured in or imported into Trinidad and Tobago, must undergo pattern approval before these devices are made available for sale. This is to be done with the view to certify, whether or not the measuring devices are suitable for use in connection with any classes of trade.

Application forms can be obtained here.

Fees Schedule can be also obtained at the TTBS office and website.

Payment of Pattern Approval fee can be made at TTBS or First Citizens Banks.

For the process to begin the completed application form, documents and proof of payment are to be submitted to the Metrology Division at the TTBS.

The application shall be accompanied by duplicate copies of:

  • Test data relating to the actual service performance of the device or to the simulated service performance of the device;
  • The principal drawings and specifications to be used by the manufacturer in assembling, testing and, where applicable, installing devices of that class, type or design; and
  • The promotional material, bulletins, brochures, instructions and other information distributed or intended for distribution to purchasers or prospective purchasers of a device of the class, type or design to which the application relates.

When requested by the Bureau, the applicant shall provide:

  • Any additional information, test data, drawings or specifications as are necessary to enable the Bureau to process the application.
  • One or more devices of the class, type or design to which the application relates, together with such information, equipment, material and services as are required to examine and test the device.

Exemption from submitting a model

For applications where the device has been already approved in another country, the Bureau may exempt a manufacturer or importer of measuring devices from the deposit of models/type as required.  However, the applicant must provide the following:

  • All the necessary data and technical drawings as indicated above;
  • Proof of the approval of the pattern/type by a national body for legal metrology in the country of manufacture or any other body specified by the Bureau.

The following is a list of Agencies responsible for pattern approval:

  • National Agencies for Legal Metrology
  • Countries that are signatories to the Metre Convention and are members of the OIML
  • Official Agencies of Countries where there are Mutual Recognition Agreements

Pattern Approval Brochure
Pattern Approval Process

For further information contact the Metrology Division
Telephone: 868-662-8827 ext. 2301
Fax: 868-663-4335

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