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TTBS Unveils Compulsory Garments and Textiles Standard







2024-02-29 – The safety and quality of garments and textile products in Trinidad and Tobago has been given a boost. On Thursday, February 29th, 2024, TTBS hosted a National Stakeholder Consultation on Garments & Textiles at its headquarters located at 1-2 Century Drive Macoya. The purpose of the consultation was the Launch of the National Compulsory Standard: TTCS 10:2021 Garments and Textiles – Compulsory Requirements.

Invited stakeholders included; manufacturers, importers and distributors (both wholesale and retail) of garments and textiles. Also in attendance were; Ms. Amanda Williams, Project Officer from Trinidad and Tobago Fashion Company Ltd (FashionTT), as well as Mrs Ava Bullard-Noel, Senior Consumer Advocate,  Ministry of Trade & Industry – Consumer Affairs Division.


About the Standard

TTCS 10:2021 sets forth essential guidelines for the labelling and chemical composition of garments and textiles, ensuring that consumers have access to safe, high-quality products.

The development and enforcement of this standard forms part of TTBS’ mandate under the Standards Act No. 18 of 1997 as the National Standards Body to protect public or industrial health, welfare, and safety.

Speaking at the consultation, Mr. Jose E. Trejo, Executive Director, TTBS stated, “TTBS is committed to promoting and enforcing standards that ensure the safety and quality of products in our nation. I encourage all stakeholders to actively participate in this consultation, provide valuable feedback, and collaborate with us to achieve our shared goals as we continue building a society that is guided by standards and quality.


Benefits of TTCS 10:2021

Safety Assurance – The standard includes requirements for chemicals like formaldehydes and azo dyes, which can have adverse effects on health if present in high levels. Consumers will therefore have access to products that are in compliance to the standard, ensuring their protection and safety.

Quality Control & Consumer Empowerment – The standard also establishes guidelines for labelling and product classification. It includes labelling requirements and a point system to classify textiles as seconds, irregular, or slightly imperfect. By providing clear labelling and information, consumers can make informed decisions about the products they buy, ensuring they get the quality they deserve and value for money.


Enforcement of the Standard

Over the past year, TTBS’ Implementation Division conducted inspections on garment and textile products and out of 527 inspections, 81 non-conformities were identified, representing 15% of the total inspections. TTBS aims to decrease the percentage of non-complying products as we move forward in the enforcement of TTCS 10:202.

Imported shipments of garments and textiles are subject to inspection, sampling, and testing to determine conformance to the requirements of this standard. Locally manufactured items will be inspected during market surveillance activities. Once all results are satisfactory, goods will be released for sale or distribution.

For further information contact Mr Sterling Thompson at 662-8827 or 612-0279 ext. 2453 or email

A Tapestry of Safety & Quality: Mr. Gerard Maxwell, Implementation Division Manager at TTBS, passionately addresses stakeholders during the National Stakeholder Consultation on Garments & Textiles