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Opening the Gates to Safety: The Importance of TTS 641:2017 Driveway gates – Specification

Picture this: after a long day’s work, your driveway gate gently slides open, welcoming you home. It’s a familiar and comforting sight, often taken for granted. However, the significance of driveway gates cannot be overstated. These silent sentinels secure our homes, protecting our families, belongings, and peace of mind. But when considering driveway gate installation, aesthetics should not be the sole driver of your decision. Beyond their visual appeal and convenience, driveway gates play a pivotal role in ensuring our safety, security, and peace of mind.

As we celebrate World Standards Day 2023, under the theme “Shared vision for a better world – Sustainable Development Goal 3: Good health and well-being,” we delve into the pivotal role of TTS 641:2017 in shaping our safety and security. In this article, we explore the critical importance of driveway gate safety and why homeowners, builders, and gate fabricators should prioritize it as a non-negotiable part of our living spaces.


Why Prioritize Gate Safety Design?

Sadly, since 2011, according to media reports, there have been no fewer than 11 tragic accidents linked to driveway gates in Trinidad and Tobago. This grim reality underscores the absolute necessity of prioritizing safety when designing and installing driveway gate systems. Following the requirements of TTS 641:2017 will result in a safer gate and reduce the risks of accidents and legal liability.


Safety Tips for Your Driveway Gates

If not designed, installed, and maintained with safety in mind driveway gates can pose serious risks. Poorly constructed gates or inadequate safety features can result in the gate leaf toppling over, pinning or trapping anyone unfortunate enough to be nearby. These risks can compromise the very security we rely on.

By following the following safety tips you can ensure your driveway gate operates safely and efficiently:

  • Safety Post: A sturdy Safety-post or safety-bracket should be installed adjacent to the gate; this will prop the gate in an upright position in the event that it derails;
  • Safety Stop: Safety stop should be placed at the end of a sliding gate’s travel path to prevent the gate from travelling past the fully open position; and
  • Conduct Regular Checks. Conduct regular checks to ensure that the gate rolls smoothly along the track and that the track is free of debris.


Your Role in Ensuring Driveway Gate Safety

As homeowners, builders, and gate manufacturers, we all share a responsibility to prioritize driveway gate safety. By installing gates that adhere to safety standards, we make an investment not only in our own well-being but also in the safety of our loved ones and our communities.

Standards such as TTS 641:2017, “Driveway gates – Specification, can only help improve our safety and security when they are used. As we celebrate World Standards Day 2023, let us recognize the paramount role of this standard in ensuring that the gates that protect us are not just barriers, but guardians of our well-being. By embracing and applying this standard, we pave the way for a safer and more secure world.

Your commitment to gate safety is a step toward a safer, more secure future for all.


For More Information

For further details on TTS 641:2017, “Driveway Gates – Specification,” please contact Darryl Thomson, Standards Officer, at 662-8827 ext 2051 or via email at