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Draft CARICOM Regional Standard For Voting – Labelling of Pre-Packaged Foods – Specification (Revision)

The CARICOM Regional Organisation for Standards and Quality (CROSQ) has issued the final draft CARICOM Regional Standard,  Labelling of Pre-Packaged Foods – Specification (Revision) for voting.

This CARICOM Regional Standard is applicable to the labelling of all pre-packaged foods to be offered to the consumer or pre-packaged foods for catering purposes.

This standard is not applicable to food:

a) weighed or measured in or counted into the package in the presence of the purchaser or consumer;
b) intended for export only, which complies with the requirements of standards or laws on labelling of

the country to which they are being exported; and

c) repackaged from bulk at the place where the food is sold by retailer.


Members of the public are invited to review and provide feedback, that is: acceptance / acceptance with comments / non-acceptance of the draft document. Please note that a technical justification is required for non-acceptance of the draft standard.

Please note that only editorial comments will be reviewed by CROSQ at this stage of the regional standards development process.

Feel free to review the final draft standard and the comments disposition form using  the following link:

The following comments form can be completed for editorial comments only:

DEADLINE FOR FEEDBACK: Friday 29th September 2023
For further information, please contact Ms Nadita Ramachala at or 662-8827 ext 2040.