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TTBS Celebrates World Standards Day 2019

As we celebrate World Standards Day 2019, the Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards (TTBS) joins the International Community in celebrating this significant day aimed at acknowledging the tremendous contribution of all stakeholders involved in national, regional and international standardization.

Standardization underpins national level policies and strategies aimed at trade facilitation, economic diversification and sustainable development. On this monumental occasion for standardizers globally, we would like to highlight the approval of our National Standardization Strategy (NSS).

The NSS outlines the three-year strategic work plan as well as the goals and objectives of the TTBS as it pertains to standards development as TTBS seeks to fulfil its mandate as the National Standards Body for the socio-economic development of our nation, based on the principles of good standardization practice which include openness, effectiveness and relevance, impartiality and consensus, transparency and development dimension.

In addition, we also take the opportunity to highlight the formation of the National Quality Council which will spearhead and oversee the implementation of the National Quality Policy (NQP).

The implementation of the NQP is expected to realize the development of a quality culture in the nation, improve competitiveness, support the diversification and expansion of the economy, improve productivity, ensure health, safety, security and environmental protection with the long-term goal of improving the well-being of all citizens in Trinidad and Tobago. A proactive, stakeholder-focused approach to standards development is therefore essential in order to support and realize the strategic goals and objectives of the NQP.


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Happy World Standards Day 2019.