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ePing – online service for updates on product requirements in foreign markets

The world’s trading nations establish product requirements to protect human health and the environment. This can prevent some companies, big or small, from selling their products. WTO members are required to notify each other before adopting any new measures on product requirements likely to affect international trade and provide a comment period. The ePing online service, which is a joint initiative of the UN, the WTO and the ITC, has been put in place to  make it possible for private and public stakeholders to rapidly access and discuss these notifications before the measures are implemented.

Speakers in this video:

Aik Hoe Lim
Director, Trade and Environment Division, WTO

José Manuel Campos
Mission of Chile to the WTO

Janelle Teemal
Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards

Ruth B. Castelo
Consumer Protection Group, Philippines
George Opiyo
Uganda Bureau of Standards

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