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ISO/TC 309 Governance of Organizations

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In September 2017, the International Organization for Standardization’s Technical Committee TC 309 initiated the development of a new International Standard to assist organizations to:

  • Increase organizational effectiveness, sustainability, accountability and fairness
  • Fulfil the organization’s purpose and reflect on its identity and mission and how value is generated and delivered to stakeholders
  • Avoid major incidents

Who is responsible?

  • ISO/TC 309 Governance of Organizations

The development of the new International Standard is being done by ISO’s Technical Committee TC 309.

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You can also access the strategic business plan of the Committee here.

At the end of May 2020, ISO/TC309 has 54 Participating member countries, 22 Observing member countries, and 23 Liaison Organizations.

  • ISO/TC 309 WG 1

ISO/TC 309 established a Working Group 1 (WG 1) to develop the content of the ISO DIS 37000.

The WG 1 Co-Convenors nominated by BSI (UK) and TTBS and voted in by TC309 members are Dr Victoria Hurth and Dr Axel Kravatzky respectively.

The Secretariat is held by David Adamson, BSI (UK).

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TTBS’ National Mirror Committee for ISO TC 309
A National Mirror Committee (NMC) is a voluntary advisory committee established for the purpose of providing inputs into the development of standards and standards-related documents at the international level with a view to shaping the final documents to facilitate their use or adoption at the national level.

The TTBS’ National Mirror Committee is chaired by Dr Axel Kravatzky.

Scope of the Draft International Standard (ISO DIS 37000)

This document gives guidelines for the governance of organizations. It provides key principles, relevant practices and a framework to guide governing bodies on how to meet their responsibilities so that organizations can fulfil their purpose.

It is applicable to all organizations, regardless of type, size, location, structure or purpose.

Key benefits of ISO DIS 37000

The primary purpose of “good governance” is to promote sound decision-making by leaders on behalf and for the benefit of the stakeholders to whom they owe legal and moral accountability.

This standard applies to all organizations, in all sectors, across all countries.

Target audience

  • All governing bodies as well as:
    • those who govern organizations;
    • managers and staff;
    • governance practitioners; and
    • other interested stakeholders.

Key benefits

  • Accurate and effective decision-making
  • Organizational resilience
  • Increased value generation
  • Effective and ethical leadership
  • Improved compliance with laws, regulations and good practices
  • Increased trust and transparency
  • Effective stakeholder engagement

Comment on ISO DIS 37000 (Governance of organizations) and ISO DIS 37002 (Whistleblowing Management Systems)

Deadline for comments: Friday 31st July 2020

Learn more about ISO DIS 37000 and ISO DIS 37002

Join our national experts for focused discussions on ISO DIS 37000

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For further information

Please contact any of the following persons:
Ms Nadita Ramachala, Manager, Standardization Division –
Ms Nkechi Williams, Standards Officer, Standardization Division –
Dr Axel Kravatzky, Chair, TTBS’ NMC,WG1 Co-Convenor, editor, ISO/TC 301/WG1 –

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