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TTBS Provides Clarity On Market Scales Verification Fees

Date:15th May, 2023

The Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards remains committed to ensuring the accuracy of all measuring devices used in trade.

As part of TTBS’ mandate under the Metrology Act Chapter 82:06, our Legal Metrology Inspectorate (LMI) conducts regular verifications of measuring devices (market scales) at all Municipal markets. These verifications safeguard both the vendor and consumer by ensuring that the exact weight being sold is accurate. Verification also safeguards vendors by ensuring they are selling the exact weight of produce and not losing money per transaction.

TTBS wishes to assure all vendors that the verification fees are based on careful market study and analysis with a recommendation for a fee that is reasonable to vendors. The fee for market scales was developed using the formula in the Metrology Regulations, 2015 Schedule 7. The fees derived from the formula are considerably less for measuring devices that are used by market vendors when compared to other measuring devices. Fees are not for profit and are part of TTBS’ cost recovery.

The following table provides a breakdown for measuring devices associated with market scales:

Weighing Devices Fee (Vat Exclusive)
Up to 50 kg

(Up to 110 lbs inclusive)

Above 51 kg to 150 kg inclusive

(Above 112 lbs to 330 lbs inclusive)

Above 151 kg to 500 kg

(Above 332 lbs to 1,100 lbs inclusive)


Additionally, the table below outlines the fees associated with other measuring devices:

Large Industry Scales Fee (Vat Exclusive)
Scales up to 10,000 kg (Up to 22,000 lbs. inclusive) $4,700.00
Scales 10,001 kg to 100,000 kg

(Above 22,002 lbs. – 220,000 lbs.)

Fuel Dispensers
Fuel Dispenser – each nozzle $300.00
CNG Dispenser – each nozzle $200.00
Length Devices
Rulers up to 1 m $100.00
Tapes up to 30 m $600.00
Pattern Approval

(With approval from a Recognized Body)


After a market scale has been verified, it is affixed with a yellow “PASSED” verification label. A certificate of verification is issued to the owner of the scale and remains valid for one year, once the scale maintains its accuracy. To maintain quality control, random spot checks can be conducted on the market scales to ensure they continuously weigh accurately.

If a scale fails to weigh accurately a “NOT FOR USE IN TRADE” label is affixed on the device and the vendor will not be allowed to use the device for trade. If it is found that a vendor is using a scale that is labelled “NOT FOR USE IN TRADE”, the scale can be seized. However, seizures can only be done with a warrant.

The LMI will continue its verification exercises throughout all Municipal markets. As of now, the following Regional Markets have been visited: Tunapuna, Arima, Point Fortin, Chaguanas, Sangre Grande, San-Fernando, San-Juan, Penal and Couva being the most recent.

LMI is currently performing verifications at the Princes Town Market and have visits scheduled at the Siparia, Marabella and Port-of Spain markets.