LMI Conducts Market Awareness Session

When we go to the market, almost everything we buy is priced based on its weight – bananas, potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, etc.  It is therefore important that the weighing scale is measuring the weight accurately.  If the scale is under-weighting, then the vendor is at a disadvantage.  For example, if the correct weight of the tomatoes is 2 kg but the scale indicates 1 ½ kg, then the vendor will be selling at a loss.  If however, the scale indicates 2 ½ kg (over-weighing), then the buyer will be disadvantaged.  Scales that measure accurately help create fair trade.

During the month of April, LMI Inspectors began a series of awareness sessions with farmers and vendors in the markets concerning the verification (”stamping”) of their scales to ensure that they are measuring accurately.

One such session was held on Tuesday 9th April at the San Fernando Farmers’ Market and another at the Debe Farmers’ Market.  These sessions will continue at various markets nationwide as part of the ongoing conversation with stakeholders regarding the enforcement of the Metrology Act Chapter 82:06.

For more information on the Metrology Act: https://goo.gl/2trzPo