Roofing Manufacturers Attain TTBS Certification

When it comes to export, Trinidad and Tobago has to ensure it manufactures first-class products, because we are competing with the world and there is no room for inferior products. Additionally, the Government will continue to work with all manufactures to help expand your business and export capacity which will redound to increased sales, thereby providing additional revenue for our country, due to global commodity prices.” These were the words of Senator the Honourable Paula Gopee-Scoon, Minister of Trade and Industry (MTI) to successful Unpainted Roofing Manufacturers at an award ceremony, held at the Ministry’s head office on Tuesday 13th December, 2016.

The event saw Product Certification Licenses presented to fourteen (14) manufactures who demonstrated compliance to the compulsory standards TTS69:2012 which gives specifications for zinc and aluminum-zinc alloy coated sheets. Product Certification ensures that construction companies, contractors, consumers and home owners will now have an adequate level of protection and confidence when purchasing products and services.

The Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards (TTBS), is a statutory agency under the purview of the MTI. The TTBS, is the National Certifying Body according the Standards Act (Act No. 18 of 1997) and can certify products to national, regional and international standards. Against this backdrop, the TTBS, has been working closely with all manufacturers towards attaining certification.

Currently, there are a few manufacturers in Trinidad and Tobago whose quality systems did not meet the compulsory standard. The TTBS, has however given its assurance to continue to work vigorously with these manufactures by implementing enforcement measures to ensure that they satisfy the necessary requirements as outlined in the Act. Manufacturers must prepare for competition by developing quality products whether they are exporting or selling in the local market. In order to be globally competitive, penetrate new markets and maximize existing trade agreements products should conform to standards.

The TTBS lauded the efforts of the manufactures for implementing systems to ensure conformance with the compulsory standard for unpainted aluminum-zinc roofing sheets, which is now a mandatory requirement. In order to attain certification, the TTBS audited their production systems and took samples of materials for testing to ensure conformance. Continued certification requires recurring assessments and surveillance which includes testing of products to ensure that the product requirements continues to be satisfied.

All unpainted roofing sheets offered for sale within Trinidad and Tobago will be required to bear the TTBS Standard Mark. The Mark provides assurance to the consumer, that the manufacturer and the product have been examined by the TTBS whom is satisfied that the requirement of the standard has been met.

The TTBS, is happy to recognize the achievements of the following successful organizations who has now earned the right to use the TTBS Standard Mark on their products.

• Buildtech Roofing & Roofing Consultants Ltd
• Central Trinidad Steel Limited
• C.J. Lumber Limited
• Construction Connection Limited
• Damus Roofing Systems
• George Sheet Works Ltd
• Island Roofing and Hardware Solutions Ltd
• Lifetime Solutions
• Quality Roofing Co. Ltd
• Roof Depot Ltd
• Roof Systems Limited
• TRINMESH Limited
• Union Manufacturers Limited
• Varma Iron and Steel Co. Ltd