The standard on social responsibility was adopted from ISO with no changes by Trinidad and Tobago through the Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards (TTBS) on June 16th 2011. It is entitled TTS/ISO 26000:2011-Guidance on social responsibility. Social responsibility involves the incorporation of societal, environmental, ethical and financial goals into the strategic focus of any organisation. Large or small, organisations can benefit from being socially responsible, resulting in gains financially for the company and benefits to the environment and society.  Ultimately organisations being socially responsible can increase business and national competitiveness and lead to sustainable development of the nation.

It is through being socially responsible that a company takes a public position to be accountable for the impact of its decisions and activities and its alignment to legal and ethical requirements


TTS/ISO 26000 specifically addresses seven (7) principles of social responsibility, seven (7) core subjects and corresponding issues in addition to ways of integrating socially responsible behaviour into an organisation.

It provides guidance for any organisation to become socially responsible and while the standard is not for certification purposes it provides a framework to take into account concerns, including but not limited to accountability, transparency, labour and fair operating practices, the environment, community involvement and development.



 This International Standard provides guidance to all types of organisations, regardless of their size or location, on:

a)      concepts, terms and definitions related to social responsibility;

b)      the background, trends and characteristics of social responsibility;

c)      principles and practices relating to social responsibility;

d)     the core subjects and issues of social responsibility;

e)   integrating, implementing and promoting socially responsible behaviour throughout the organisation and through its policies and practices, within its sphere of influence;

f)       identifying and engaging with stakeholders; and

g)     communicating commitments, performance and other information related to social responsibility


  1. Send a request (phone or email) for the standard to the TTBS Standards Information Centre (SIC) Request via email here
  2. SIC will provide a quotation based on the current exchange rate
  3. Confirm (phone or email) that you would like to purchase the standard
  4. The Standard would then be prepared with the attached quote
  5. The Standard can then be purchased and collected at the SIC


CHF 196, 00 / $1236.76 TT (approx.)

(dependent on current exchange rate)


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