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Standardization's Contact

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International Standards

Two of the major International Standardizing bodies responsible for the development of International Standards are:

ISO, International Organization for Standardization; and
IEC, International Electrotechnical Commission.
The use of International Standards can facilitate trade through harmonization of requirements among trading partners. International Standards also serve to safeguard consumers and users of products and services in general – as well as making their lives simpler. Also, International Standards contribute to making the development, manufacturing and supply of products and services more efficient, safer and cleaner.

ISO has more than 17500 International Standards and other types of normative documents in its current portfolio. ISO develops a range of standards from traditional activities, such as agriculture and construction, mechanical engineering, manufacturing and distribution, to transport, medical devices, information and communication technologies, and to standards for good management practice and for services.

IEC is the world’s leading organization that prepares and publishes International Standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies — collectively known as “electrotechnology”.

The Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards represents the interests of Trinidad and Tobago at ISO and TTBS is a full member of ISO. TTBS also has a policy of adopting International Standards and basing Trinidad and Tobago Standards on International Standards where possible. TTBS also participates on ISO technical committees responsible for development of International Standards.

TTBS is also an Affiliate of the IEC. This allows TTBS to adopt International Standards developed by the IEC


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