Registration for this event is closed. Please contact TTBS at 662 6216 ext 133/240 or 725 3652 for further information.

    1. Stakeholder Consultation

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Registration for this event is closed. Please contact TTBS at 662 6216 ext 133/240 or 725 3652 for further information.

  1. Public Comment Period

The Draft Specification for Driveway Gates has been issued for public comment from May 5th, 2016 to 30th June 2016. During this period, the draft document will be posted on our website for reviewing by interested persons. The intention is that after reviewing, persons will take the time to post comments on the proposed requirements in the draft standard. Thus valuable feedback from national stakeholders and members of the public will greatly assist us in refining the document before declaring it as a National Standard.

  1. Public Advisories

The Specification Committee responsible for the National Standard for Driveway Gates began its work on 10th June, 2015 and to date has held 12 meetings. In the course of the Committee’s work, TTBS issued the following public advisories to update the public on the progress of this project.

  1. The Committee and Focus Group

The Specification Committee consists of representatives from the following organizations: The University of the West Indies, Housing Development Corporation, Education Facilities Management Company Ltd., National Training Agency, Consumer Affairs Division, YTEPP Ltd., MIC Institute of Technology, QPSL, and Sure-Tech Ltd.

This Committee was also ably assisted by a Focus Group of key industry practioners which included Mr Chrstopher Koo, Mr Darryl Roque, Mr Michael Llanos and Mr Indar Ramdeen.

  1. Next Steps
  • Finalize Specification. The Committee will review the comments directly submitted and discussed at the stakeholder consultation and amend the proposed requirements accordingly before it is approved by the TTBS Board of Directors.
  • Information flyers.The key requirements of the standard will be summarized and simplified into an information bulletin for widespread circulation and dissemination to the public.
  • Enforcement of Standard. TTBS will continue to engage in dialogue with key stakeholder agencies on possible mechanisms for the enforcement of this National Standard.


  1. How you can help

The public is invited to assist us by commenting on the draft standard and also by providing suggestions, comments and details of past accidents involving driveway gates.

For further information please contact, Darryl Thomson, Standards Officer II, 663-4835 ext 133, 725-3652. Email:


Comments are closed.

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