Certification's Contact

Certification's Contact

  • Mailing Address: P.O. Box 467 , P.O.S., Trinidad and Tobago W.I.
  • Email: certification@ttbs.org.tt
  • Tel: (868) 662-8827 / 663-4835 Ext 2221
  • Fax: (868) 663-4335

Product Certification

Product certification is a powerful marketing tool. It gives products added value and differentiates them from similar products in the market place. It is the procedure by which an independent body (third party) gives written assurance that a product conforms to specified requirements which are contained in a National Standard.

The Certification Division of TTBS certifies products to national and Caricom standards. Products certified bear the Trinidad and Tobago Standard Mark displayed above. The Standard Mark certifies that a product consistently complies with a specific national or Caricom standard.

A certified product carries the Trinidad and Tobago Standard Mark.

Batch Certification/Certificate of conformity
Batch Certificates/Certificates of conformity are provided upon request. A representative sample of the batch is withdrawn for testing against the applicable standard (national or international). A certificate is issued for the batch indicating the tests which were passed.

Process For Product Certification


The process takes a minimum of sixty (60) days depending on the state of the quality management system of the applying organization and the duration of testing.

Cost of Product Certification

Depends on the following factors:

Testing Fees
Purchasing specimens
Performing tests in accordance with the National Standard.
The Certification Division subcontracts this testing to an accredited laboratory.
Travel and subsistence expenses
Quality System Audit Fees
Administrative Fees
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Promoting the Trinidad and Tobago Standard Mark

Distribution of leaflets
Media advertisements
Meeting shoppers
New requirement of Central Tenders Board tendering process for the following products:

QAC-Based Aromatic Disinfectants
Hand Dishwashing Liquid
Polyethylene Garbage Bags – Low Density
Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures
Liquid Chlorine bleach
Toilet Tissue
Laundry Detergent Powder
Steel Nails
Portland Cement
Carbon Steel Bars for Reinforcement of Concrete

Value for Money
Assurance of Quality
Meeting legal requirements
Conforms to National Standards


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