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Certification's Contact

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ISO 14000

Environmental Management Systems
Today’s society is becoming increasingly more environmentally conscious and is better understanding the effects of industrial activities on the environment and ultimately the quality of life. As a result, society expects industries and by extension their managers to be more environmentally conscious and responsible. Managers also of themselves realize that being environmentally responsible is a new requirement for doing business. Many companies are now turning to environmental management systems to achieve the objectives of improving their environmental performance, reducing cost and complying with environmental legislation.

ISO 14001
The Environmental Management System (EMS) most companies are turning to is ISO 14001. In late 1996, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) published an international voluntary EMS standard, called ISO 14001. Since then, businesses are increasingly implementing Environmental Management Systems using the ISO 14001 standard so that they may more effectively integrate environmental considerations throughout their operations in order to manage their environmental impacts. This standard focuses on the processes of controlling and managing the most significant environmental aspects instead of trying to manage the outcome.

Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards as your EMS Registrar
In order to ensure that the EMS implemented is effective, companies apply to Registration/ Certification bodies for a third party audit. TTBS offers third party registration audits. We at TTBS have a team of internationally qualified and certified auditors to partner with you for certification of your environmental management system to ISO 14001. To apply simply fill out our application form and EMS Questionnaire.

TTBS has certified one of the largest gas producing companies in the energy sector. We have recognized the aggregate impact of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) on the environment and have a special interest in SMEs as a result we have developed a special package for ISO 14001 certification for SMEs. In addition TTBS developed a special program for Quality and Environmental Management System Certification ( Q&EMS-SME) for SMEs.

Understand exactly what an Environmental Management System is, the certification/registration process and the benefits of implementing such a system.

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