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SIC's Contact

SIC's Contact

  • Tel: 1(868) 662-8827
  • Fax: 1(868) 663-4335
  • Email:
  • Ext 101, 102, 138
  • Opening hrs: 8:00am - 4:15pm

How to obtain standards

Local and international standards are available for purchase at the Standards Information Centre. The Centre’s opening hours are Monday-Thursday 8am-4:15pm and Friday 8am-4pm. Please note however, that the cashier’s opening hours are Monday-Friday 8am-3pm.

Further information on obtaining standards please see contact information below:

Telephone: 662-8827 ext 101/102/138



Contact Us

Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards
1-2 Century Drive
Trincity Industrial Estate
Macoya , Tunapuna
Trinidad and Tobago , W.I
Tel: (868) 662-8827
Fax: (868) 663-4335

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