Prepared by:The Quality Unit, TTBS October 2013.

Question – What is Workplace Design-Lighting of Workplaces?

Answer – It is a standard that highlights that proper illumination is essential for the optimization of both comfort and productivity in the workplace.

How does the Standard affect me?

  • Quality of perception will determine good lighting to see, recognize hazards, reduce visual strain and discomfort;
  • Mood may create feelings of irritability due to insufficient illumination over the entire workplace;
  • Poor lighting may affect workers’ performance and health resulting in musculo-skeletal strain;
  • Poor visibility increases the chances of errors being made and people work slower.

You can download a PDF with more information here: WORKPLACE-DESIGN-LIGHTING-OF-WORKPLACES-SPECIFICATION


How to Purchase:

  1. Send a request (phone or email) for the standard to the TTBS Standards Information Centre (SIC).
  2. SIC will provide a quotation based on the current exchange rate.
  3. Confirm (phone or email) that you would like to purchase the standard.
  4. The Standard would then be prepared with the attached quote.
  5. The Standard can then be purchased and collected at the SIC.

Price: $300.00 TT


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