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  • Introduction / Historical background
    • Who we are?

Developments in world trade, particularly trade liberalization and the emphasis on Mutual Recognition Agreements played a major role in justifying the need for a national laboratory accreditation service. It became evident that TTBS needed to expand its activities related to conformity assessment and offer the service of accreditation to local and regional laboratories.  As such, the revision of the Standards Act in 1997 (Act No. 18 of 1997) provided the legal framework for operation of the Trinidad and Tobago Laboratory Accreditation Service (TTLABS) as the national laboratory accrediting body.


  • What we do?

TTLABS as the National Accreditation Body for laboratories provides accreditation services to testing laboratories (this includes medical laboratories) and calibration laboratories.  Laboratory Accreditation therefore is a process which gives formal recognition to the technical competence of a laboratory to perform specific tests, types of tests or calibrations.  TTLABS also facilitates training of the ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 15189 standards and aspects related to the application of the technical requirements of the standard.


  • Quality Policy

The management of the Trinidad and Tobago Laboratory Accreditation Service, the National Laboratory Accrediting Body, is fully committed to the provision of services in the area of laboratory accreditation to ensure an acceptable level of satisfaction for all our customers.

The provision of these services will be undertaken with integrity, professionalism, timeliness, reliability and efficiency, consistent with internationally accepted procedures and levels of quality.

In pursuing this policy, TTLABS is committed to:

  • Achieve customer satisfaction through meeting the needs of accredited bodies and their users;
  • Improve the quality of accredited bodies and the data they produce; and
  • Increase acceptance of accredited data to facilitate trade

The TTLABS Secretariat shall work to continuously improve all aspects of its implementation of ISO/IEC 17011 and related international standards and guides.  TTLABS intends to become internationally recognized through existing multi-lateral recognition arrangements (MLAs or MRAs)


  • Mission Statement

The mission of TTLABS is “To continuously provide reliable, high quality accreditation services to laboratories in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean region in accordance with internationally accepted standards and criteria for the operation of an internationally recognized accreditation body, to ensure competence, integrity and confidence in those services and to support the region’s mandate for high quality goods and services”.


Contact Us

Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards
1-2 Century Drive
Trincity Industrial Estate
Macoya , Tunapuna
Trinidad and Tobago , W.I

Tel: (868) 662-8827
Fax: (868) 663-4335

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