Corporate Projects Office Contacts

Corporate Projects Office Contacts

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The overall goal of this project is to adapt the national regulatory and quality infrastructure in Trinidad and Tobago to:

  • increase the competitiveness of Trinidad and Tobago on national and international markets,
  • to enhance the health and safety of the national community and the environment,
  • promote consumer confidence and protection,
  • trade facilitation and market access

through the provision of quality goods and services by supporting and providing the required reliability for the function of the quality infrastructure system in Trinidad and Tobago and by extension the CARICOM region by 2017.


A National Quality Infrastructure is defined as a highly integrated network of people, systems and organizations involved in the research, definition, development and promotion of quality goods, services and processes using the core disciplines of the MSQA framework.

The MSQA framework comprises the four major pillars of the NQI

  • Metrology
  • Standards development
  • Quality assurance systems (testing, inspection, and certification) ;and
  • Accreditation.

Together these can build and support an economy that produces high quality goods and services.

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National Quality Infrastructure: The Golden Key for Competitiveness and Sustainable Development

The implementation of an NQI in a country is directed by international best practice but not prescriptive in its application.  The guidelines for implementation take into consideration the following issues which vary from sovereign nation to another:

  • legal system,
  • trade and industry policies,
  • available labour,
  • available funding,
  • state of industrial development,
  • type of government system,
  • degree of co-operation and co-ordination among stakeholders (public and private)
  • culture.

Given these variables, the most practical method of NQI development is through consultation and promotion of the concepts with all stakeholders, leading to the design and implementation of systems and development of institutions that are appropriate for our space.




  • Improved market access and consumer protection, as a result of applying standards and conformity assessment practices, overcoming technical barriers to trade;
  • Increased trade as a result of applying standards and conformity assessment practices;
  • Promotion of regional integration through coordination and harmonization of standards, processes and information
  • Increased consumer confidence in quality of goods and services available locally
  • More quality conscious society

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